Director of Public Safety

The University of Pikeville (UPIKE), is actively seeking candidates for a Director of Public Safety. This position coordinates campus emergency preparedness, incident response, emergency communications, and directs the daily operations of the Department of Public Safety. The incumbent leads, educates, informs and motivates campus constituents in emergency planning and strategies; develops emergency plans to prepare and respond to emergencies; creates educational and training materials; conducts training sessions and drills to prepare campus for emergencies; makes recommendations about the university’s schedule if the campuses are affected by the weather, and maintains relationships with first responders, local law enforcement, staff, faculty, administrators and IHE emergency planners.


  1. Develops programs and initiatives that promote the safety and welfare of the University community and participates in the maintenance of the University crisis management and emergency operations plan.
  2. Develops emergency response training exercises for the campus community.
  3. Maintains and updates the Campus Incident Preparedness Plan.
  4. Establish an aligned, cross-institutional, and cross-sector framework of action around campus safety.
  5. Ensures that campus plans are up-to-date and in compliance with the latest standards in emergency response.
  6. Exercise supervisory authority over public safety officers.
  7. Plans and conducts comprehensive training programs and staff meetings. Collaborates regularly with staff to plan and coordinate activities, assign, and check work, assist with unusual or difficult situations, and resolve problems.
  8. Plans staffing needs, shift coverage, and work schedules.
  9. Maintains the campus parking plan, including management of parking regulations and spaces, and manages parking violation cases in accordance with UPIKE policies.
  10. Plan, request, and administer the department operating budget. Makes recommendations for capital equipment purchases, as well as direct-hire expenditures.
  11. Carry out a variety of planning activities related to public safety operations, such as developing contingency plans for handling emergency situations, planning security coverage for special events, professional and student staff training and development.
  12. Informs the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs of the status of campus preparedness and planning for weather-related (e.g., tornado, ice, snow) or unexpected (e.g., fire, explosion, earthquake, active shooter) emergencies.
  13. Partners with units and departments in planning and implementing emergency preparedness plans.
  14. Collaborates with building marshals to develop, practice, drill and test emergency action plans for campus buildings.
  15. Maintains relationships with local and state EM personnel and agencies.
  16. Monitors weather and approaching storms and makes recommendations if the weather is likely to alter campus class schedules or affect campus events.
  17. Plans agendas and serves as member for the Incident Response Team and the Crisis Action Team.
  18. Educates and prepares the Incident Response Team in preparation of staffing the Emergency Operations Center.
  19. Coordinates with local first responders (e.g., police, fire, environmental health and safety and local EMs) after disasters to review emergency response events and plan for campus recovery.
  20. Assesses emergency preparedness and availability of appropriate technologies for emergency response.
  21. Maintain a public safety web page and assure that all policy and crime-reporting statistical information is up-to-date, accurate, and timely (i.e., Clery Act and Minger Act crime statistics).
  22. Plan and administer appropriate departmental records systems.
  23. Tests emergency communication technologies; tracks and analyzes data on the speed of communications, timing of messages and communication delays.
  24. Plan and coordinate drills of the Emergency Operations Center to ensure its readiness when needed.
  25. Stay abreast of the relevant procedures and strategies for college campuses outlined by the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS).
  26. Maintains knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of first responders and recovery personnel.
  27. Operates two-way radios, weather radios, computers and other technologies needed for effective and efficient emergency communications.
  28. Provides responses that may require work late nights, early mornings, and on the weekends.
  29. Utilizes excellent writing skills for clear and concise communication during emergencies and in preparing educational materials.
  30. Performs after-action reviews for emergency situations and/or significant events.
  31. Educates, informs, and motivates campus constituents in emergency planning and strategies.
  32. Monitors for threats to campus and communicates with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs about imminent threats.
  33. Implements and maintains emergency response equipment and technologies.
  34. Work closely with external services to ensure that residential facilities are being properly maintained in the areas of Student Affairs.
  35. Conduct periodic inspections with key stakeholders.
  36. Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.
  37. Engage in constant evaluation of current policies and procedures for the purpose of creating a program built around best practice and high customer service.
  38. Work with Facilities Management to develop scopes of work for Student Affairs projects and maintenance needs that are completed by university shops and outside vendors.
  39. Assist in the management of project budgets, prepare cost benefit analysis and request funding for projects within Student Affairs.
  40. Keep abreast of new developments/changes in the field of campus public safety, including crime reporting, fire and safety and security codes and standards, innovations in campus public safety, and the college student culture


Position requires daily contact with co-workers, supervisor, employees of the institution, as well as vendors in order to answer questions and ensure paperwork is completed. These relationships are maintained through e-mail, fax, telephone, and person-to-person contact.

Education/Skill Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Demonstrated understanding of, and a commitment to the college mission and purpose including high academic standards and student success.
  •  Ability to work effectively with a diverse student population.
  •  Ability to work a flexible work schedule including evenings and weekends as needed.
  •  Demonstrated excellent oral and written interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with students, faculty, and the general public.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with students, employees, and the public.
  • Broad base of knowledge and skills related to university security, safety, law enforcement, and investigation.
  • Ability to effectively investigate accidents, violations of university policies/rules/regulations and emergency situations.
  • Broad base of outstanding leadership, administrative, supervisory, and communication skills.
  • Ability to efficiently multitask and conduct/complete independent work assignments.
  • Experience using integrated software systems and Microsoft applications (i.e., Word, Outlook, Excel).
  • Training or experience in handling intoxicated individuals and investigation of crimes related to sexual assault.
  • Ability to deal with a broad range of individuals/groups, including students, employees, townspeople, town officials, and law enforcement officials within and outside of the university, often under stressful, dangerous and/or emergency conditions, and often in the role of mediator/counselor as well as policy enforcer.

Conditions of Employment

  • Possession of a valid Kentucky driver's license is a requirement for this job.
  • Be available via cellular telephone.
  • Moderate physical activity: requires handling of average-weight objects, standing or walking for extended periods of time, and being able to lift a 125 lb. sandbag and curry it without dropping it for 25 feet in one direction and then 25 feet back to the starting position.
  • Work environment involves some exposure to hazards or physical risks, which require following basic safety precautions.
  • Work involves moderate exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises.
  • Ability to perform work in an office environment with unscheduled and rapid mobility to respond to emergency and crime sites.
  • Ability to sit and/or stand for long periods of time, occasionally under stressful conditions.
  • This general outline illustrates the type of work which characterizes the job classification. It is not an all-encompassing statement of the specific duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of individual positions assigned to the classification.

The University of Pikeville offers a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. UPIKE offers a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, telemedicine, long term disability, tuition waivers, a 403(b) retirement plan, and HSA, FSA, & dependent care accounts. UPIKE also offers a generous holiday schedule and paid leave program.

Important Notes: Resume and other application materials will be reviewed to determine if you meet the required qualifications for the position. If it is determined that you meet the required qualifications, your application materials will be used to identify a top group of the most highly qualified candidates. Please, specifically address the qualifications, competencies and desired qualifications in your resume and application materials.

The University of Pikeville is committed to providing a safe and productive learning, living and working community. To achieve this goal, we conduct background investigations for all final applicants being considered for employment. Background investigations include a criminal history record check, and when appropriate, a financial and/or motor vehicle history.

The University of Pikeville is an equal opportunity employer committed to assembling a diverse, broadly trained faculty and staff. The University of Pikeville does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age or disabilities in its programs, activities, hiring, or the admission of students.

For more information about the University of Pikeville, please visit Interested applicants should complete the online application by visiting In addition to the application, interested applicants are requested to attach to their application a letter of interest, current resume, and the contact information for three to five professional references.

Date Posted: 04/28/2022
Department: Security
Employment Type: Full-Time (40 hours)
Position Type: Staff